Funeral Packages

Since 1907, Mission Park has set the standard for excellence in ethical and personal service for mortuaries and cemeteries. Mortuary services do not include cemetery charges, flowers, or caskets. Mission Park offers a range of complete funeral packages that contain substantial casket discounts and include everything needed for a ceremony.
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Finding the right casket can help make each family’s funeral experience special and unique. At Mission Park, we believe in a simple, more affordable approach to casket selection. To facilitate this, Mission Park founded the Mission Family Products line of steel and hardwood caskets.
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Funeral Merchandise

Whether you choose burial or cremation, Mission Parks offers a full range of products, packages and services. We offer a full line of Wooden, 18 Gauge & Stainless Steel Caskets, Floral Arrangements, Cremation Vaults, Memorial Tablets & Markers, Cremation Urns, as well as Personalized Memorial Items. Funeral Merchandise Details.

Memorial Tablets

Finding the right memorial marker can help make each family’s experience special and unique. Memorial Markers are available in Bronze, granite or combination, feature raised lettering, and are suitable for both interior and exterior use. These markers range in size with custom sizes available depending on property location and type.  Memorial Tablets & Markers Details.

Honoring and Remembering Loved Ones. .

Funeral ceremonies have been part of the spiritual and social framework of human culture for thousands of years. Although the ceremonies may vary greatly according to customs and beliefs, they have always shared a common purpose to honor and remember a life that has passed. Every day that we come to work we have the opportunity to make important differences in people's lives, something that we look forward too, and take very seriously.
enjoy the company and loving support of friends and loved ones

Family Areas

Our San Antonio-area facilities provide beautifully decorated and comfortably furnished areas where family and friends can come together to honor the life of a loved one while enjoying the company and loving support of friends and loved ones. Facilities vary with location.

State of the Art Chapels . . .

Mission Parks chapels offer beautiful gathering places for the viewing and services for your loved one. Our state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment and ample seating provide a place to view memorial video displays that we can produce from your family pictures.

Personalizing Ceremonies & Services

Increasingly, families seek choices to personalize ceremonies for people they have loved. With over 100 years of experience, Mission Parks is in a unique position to help realize these desires. Whether you choose a traditional funeral service or a completely individualized ceremony, our goal is to create a meaningful, personalized service based upon your unique desires.

Unique Funeral Transportation Services in San  Antonio

Unique Funeral Transportation

One of the personalization options provided by Mission Parks is an Honorary Ride of Remembrance in a Harley drawn hearse. This provides an alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiasts or people looking for a unique way to be sent off on their final journey.

It is the customary way to recognize death and its finality. Funerals are recognized rituals for the living to show respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grief process.
Funeral directors are caregivers and administrators. They make the arrangements for transportation of the body, complete all necessary paperwork, and implement the choices made by the family regarding the funeral and final disposition of the body.

Funeral directors are listeners, advisers and supporters. They have experience assisting the bereaved in coping with death. Funeral directors are trained to answer questions about grief, recognize when a person is having difficulty coping, and recommend sources of professional help. Funeral directors also link survivors with support groups at the funeral home or in the community.

While it is true some metropolitan areas have limited available cemetery space, in most areas of the country, there is enough space set aside for the next 50 years without creating new cemeteries. In addition, land available for new cemeteries is more than adequate, especially with the increase in entombment and multi-level grave burial.
No. Most states, however, require embalming when death was caused by a reportable contagious disease or when remains are to be transported from one state to another by common carrier or if final disposition is not to be made within a prescribed number of hours.
Funeral directors are caring individuals who help people deal with a very stressful time. They serve the same families 80% of the time, and many have spent most of their lives in the same community. If they took advantage of bereaved families, they could not stay in business. The fact that the average funeral home has been in business over 59 years shows that most funeral directors respect the wishes of the bereaved families.
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