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Helotes, TX

The Choice Between Funeral Burials and Cremations in Helotes, TX

Mission Park Funeral Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematories have served families with commitment and compassion. We believe in personal attention and uncompromised quality in all our services. Since 1907, our reputation has grown stronger serving all faiths and cultures during the trying times.

Mission Park Funeral Chapels & Cemeteries created the perfect settings where families can celebrate life. We have designed a resting place unlike any other. Numerous trees are planted, we created pathways and nurtured our community into a park-like setting. 

Mission Park Funeral Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematories has always been a peaceful setting where families can come to remember and honor. Don't hesitate to contact us anytime of the day for more information about the services we offer.

Although many families and individuals still choose a traditional burial as their preferred disposition, there are also a lot of families that choose cremation care. At Mission Park Funeral Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematories, your family can choose both traditional funerals and cremation services in Helotes, TX.

As you consider your choices, you may find yourself wondering which type of care is right for your family and fallen loved one? What are the advantages of each style of care? These questions are common. The good news is both burial services and cremation services are respectful ways of caring for the dead. But it should be acknowledged that there are unique benefits afforded by each of these dispositional choices.

If you’re unsure which type of care is best for your family and deceased loved one, you may want to hold an in-depth conversation with a funeral care professional. They can provide additional insight that is customized to your situation. However, for purposes of overview, here are several things for you to consider about the service choices:

Advantages of Traditional Funeral and Burial:

The traditional funeral has been a long-standing means of caring for the dead. Done well, it is a comforting and reassuring service, designed to help survivors heal and adjust to life without their loved one nearby. Traditional funerals generally include a visitation, funeral service, and graveside committal.

  • Visitation: Often referred to as a viewing service, this gathering of friends and families occurs in the presence of the deceased’s body. The body has been embalmed, dressed, and groomed for the reception. There, loved ones and friends can see them one final time and express their goodbyes. For those who struggle with the reality that the person has died, the visitation gathering can encourage them to suspend their disbelief and begin their healing journey. The viewing also provides social benefits to all who knew the fallen. They learn they are not alone in their grief as they strengthen and support each other.
  • Funeral Ceremony: The funeral is a formal gathering of attendees that honor the deceased by attending the closing services of their life. The deceased’s body is present at a funeral service as the meeting marks the end of their life journey. The service generally includes a life sketch or eulogy highlighting the story and accomplishments of the person laid before them. Open thoughts may be shared for any who wishes to do so. Those who come to the service are there to show their love and support to the surviving family and the person who has died. The benefit of this service is in the act of closure, remembrance, and social support. It is also a means of paying final respect to the fallen.
  • Graveside Committal: After the funeral service, this small and brief service at the grave is usually more intimate in tone and purpose. It often serves as a private farewell for family and close friends. Words may be shared including readings of poetry, scripture, or other quotes as desired. Thoughts may be shared as the casket is lowered and the person laid to final rest.

Advantages of Cremation Care:

Cremation services have become increasingly common in recent decades. Funeral and cremation services in Helotes, TX are finding a high number of families request this type of care for their loved ones. The benefits of this care type are often less sentimental and more practical in nature.

  • Price: The cost of cremation services is more affordable than full traditional funeral services. For many surviving families, the burden of a high cost can be heavy. Even if the cost is not a concern, societal values and norms have shifted in matters of how much money should be spent on the disposition of the fallen. Lower cost is an important benefit of cremation care.
  • Environmentally Gentle: Many in our world are increasingly concerned with the pollutive impact that human actions are causing on the planet. In an effort to reduce our individual carbon footprint, families are seeking more gentle ways to lay their loved ones to rest. For many, cremation fits their needs by avoiding embalming chemicals and the use of precious resources such as hardwood and metals that are used once and buried.
  • Moveable Remains: Our society is much more mobile than generations past. Many families move for jobs, geography, family, etc. When they do so, they no longer have to leave their deceased loved ones behind. For those who are concerned, cremation allows them to transport the inurned remains with them to their new location.

Committed to Serving: Funeral Home and Cremation Care in Helotes, TX

As you evaluate your choices, remember that there is no wrong way to lay a loved one to rest. At Mission Park Funeral Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematories, we seek the well-being of those we serve, both living and dead. Call on our funeral home and cremation professionals in Helotes, TX for a conversation about your needs.

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?

Cremation is an alternative form of final disposition, but it can and frequently does still follow a funeral or memorial service. We can assist you with the necessary information about cremation, including the details of several wonderful cremation burial options or ash scattering within Mission Burial Parks once the service is finalized. Click here for more info about our cremation services.

Have the costs of funerals increased significantly?

We know that funerals can seem expensive when you’re in the middle of planning, but costs have not increased significantly. In fact, funeral costs have kept pace with the general consumer price index. You can always talk to us to figure out an option that meets your needs. Click here for more info about our funeral service.

Do I need to contact a cemetery if I’ve already contacted a funeral home?

At Mission Park, we have four cemeteries available and ready to serve your family and all your needs.  Should you require assistance with an outside cemetery, it is a good idea to reach out to them. Our directors will also be available to assist you each step of the way as well. Contact us today for more information