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The Gift of Pre-Planning

Plan for the Day.

Why it makes sense to make choices about your future funeral now.

The idea of planning a funeral is generally not a topic that people like to discuss.  However this job usually almost always falls on the spouse, children, or close relative of a deceased. Making the formal arrangements ahead of time and expressing your wishes can truly be a gift to your family and friends.

Receiving a call that a relative or a dear friend has passed unexpectedly can be devasting.  Not knowing or having any documentation of what someone may want can make an already difficult time, harder.  Services are usually lovely, and I am sure our loved one’s would be please, however how much easier would it be if we knew exactly what they would have wanted?

Have you expressed your final wishes to those you love? Probably not - and you would not be alone. Most Americans feel that PrePlanning is very important, however over two-thirds, have not made arrangements.

Why Preplan?

PrePlanning does not need to be overwhelming, think how your loved ones would feel if they have to make those decisions without your guidance. Think how grateful they will be that you gave them the gift. Here are some reasons why pre-planning makes good sense.

Relieve family stress. Pre-planning reduces stress on family and helps avoid emotionally charged conflicts on the days immediately after your passing. Who wouldn't want to leave that precious last gift for their loved ones? Take time now to make your preferences known and make the actual arrangements.

Avoid overspending. When you pre-plan, you choose the appropriate spending level. Your loved ones may not consider the cost when they are making quick decisions at a time when they can barely think. Or, they might mistakenly believe the amount spent equates to the amount of respect and love they have for you. 

Specify detailed preferences. You and your loved ones may find peace in knowing that your final wishes will be carried out. Things to consider include: burial or cremation, your attire, the location, service participants, music, readings, flowers, photographs. You may think this level of detail is unnecessary, but if you do not specify your wishes, someone else will make these decisions.

The advantage with pre-paying is that you can lock-in today's funeral prices which result in big savings.

Start Planning Now

No matter your age or health status, pre-planning your funeral is one of the greatest acts of kindness for your family. It is an opportunity to express your personal desires and it will be a viewed as a very thoughtful gift.